What to do if you’ve been injured at work, 3 Tips from a Lawyer

Being damaged while working is often a frustrating experience for workers. Employers can be very amiable as long as no one gets hurt in the process of completing work responsibilities, just to become adversarial after an accident. Even though the worker’s compensation system is designed to protect employers from expensive personal injury claims when they are compliant with all work regulations, many employers have employees working in undesirable safety environments. When this is the case at the time a work-related injury occurs, they could find themselves facing just such a lawsuit. Workers rarely understand the actual financial recovery possibilities following a work injury, even when they are severe, and it is always vital to have an experienced personal injury attorney representing your case. Here are a few things to remember about workers comp injuries.

1. Making All Medical Appointments is Vital

It is always essential to follow any directions and recommendations from medical professionals while unable to work. It is not uncommon for injured employees to be asked to see an “independent” doctor who is anything but what is claimed. This is especially true in cases where employers may think they have a defense of non-related work injury or that the injured worker is overstating the seriousness of the injury. Missing an appointment could provide an argument for an employer. Compliance with medical treatment regimens can also include physical rehabilitation treatments as well, and all means exactly what it says regarding seeking medical treatment. The documentation provided by medical records could be valuable if the employer is found guilty of safety non-compliance.

2. Repetitive Motion Injuries are Claimable

Not all workplace injuries are the result of an accident. Exposure to harmful chemicals over extended periods can often lead to lung disorders for many workers without a definitive accident report. These injuries are claimable nonetheless, but it is usually a complicated legal task to tie the medical condition to the workplace scenario. That is when an experienced and aggressive workers compensation attorney are essential because all employers vigorously defend repetitive motion or chemical exposure comp claims. Back and shoulder injuries also fall into this category regularly, as well as construction injuries were workers are required to perform significant manual labor.

3. Call an Attorney ASAP

It is always advisable to consult with a workers compensation attorney after any workplace injury because instances are numerous of benefits being stopped abruptly after being started by the law. Private investigators are even used in some cases when the injury claim is being denied, and having an experienced attorney who is already familiar with the situation can be a real advantage, possibly resulting in additional financial recovery. Stopping benefits have that have been partially paid is often a lousy faith tactic by employers or their insurance providers to get the injured worker to settle for less, especially when long-term medical coverage will be a component of any settlement.

Never assume your employer will be compliant following a workplace injury. Personal injury lawyers help you when you have been hurt on the job. Always demand fair and equitable financial compensation by retaining an experienced workers comp attorney in Ohio.